• Business, Investment, Trade
    And Economic Exchange
    -Asia Edition

    24th - 26th October 2020, Singapore

About World trade Summit and Expo

World Business Investment, Trade and Economic Exchange, is a global innovative platform to enhance trade, business, investment and economic opportunities among nations.

The World Trade Summit & Expo is a Global programme which seeks to promote business investment, innovation, trade and economic exchange in goods and services, exhibitions and trade opportunities that create wealth, support international networking, business development, joint trade, enhance strong international bilateral relationship, facilitate connections with key stakeholders, create platforms for innovation, investment and networking among peers.
World Trade Summit and Expo is designed specifically to promote and facilitate international trade between businesses stationed in the various continent of the world; to facilitate foreign direct investment, and to provide a platform for businesses to expand into new markets.
This summit brings together some of the most knowledgeable and influential speakers on the key issues that impact international trade.
World Trade Summit and Expo will bring together new and established business men and women representing a wide range of sectors for an invaluable time of practical advice and guidance on growing their exports and entering new markets.
Trade is never out of fashion so we will be providing a platform for informed debate and ensure that voices of businesses are heard. The summit will include inspirational keynote speeches, engaging panel discussions and case studies with experienced and growing business experts, and a wide choice of interactive breakout sessions covering a range of topics and market profiles. Participants will walk away armed with the knowledge and connections to take their business to the next level, while sponsors will benefit from direct interaction with their target market.
World Trade summit and expo will gather key economic players from several countries including government delegations, high-profile business leaders, project developers and international investors. The event will cover economic sectors like manufacturing, agribusiness, power, construction, transportation, IT, health, tourism, telecoms, and natural resources sectors.
World Trade Summit and Expo will bring together over 2000 top business men and women from across the world to benefit from a truly interactive summit which will be taking place in Selected Countries, which will encourage direct peer engagement, for more advanced deal-making, co-investments, strategic partnerships, and business networking.


Program Structure

Over 3 days in selected Locations, Sectoral Programs, featured: Business meetings, seminars, roundtable, Business Dinner, Global Trade Talk, Conferences, Infra structural and Industrial site seeing, site visits, showcase & Expo and Opportunities for Networking.

Trade Events

The World Trade Summit & Expo's Economic and Trade partnership on Business and Trade Opportunities seeks to connect a world divided by sanctions and trade laws to open up and learn from each other.
Engage on Innovations on Renewable Energy and Technology


World Trade Summit and Expo, Organised Business Mission can open up unique opportunities in New Markets and Trade can help facilitate connections with key stakeholders, networking with peers and access to potentials Business Partners, Investors and great opportunities. Ease of doing Global Business.

Global Business And International Trade Exhibitions


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In order to successfully plan and implement this project, we are partnering with lots of private and government agencies here in the all nations involved, European Union, Africa, Asia Trade Center, Finland, Belgium, NAFTA, Korea, UAE, China, Malta and Japan. 256 Top International companies have already registered to participate in World Trade Summit.
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